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Ahh them country kids! Football, an old truck, and a shotgun. I’m pretty sure if that’s all I said, you’d get the feel of this senior photo session just fine. But this deserves a little more. Colton was the first senior guy this year and the first of my Extended Sessions – which are the only ones I blog so here ya go!

First of all, in my head I was totally saying Colton’s last name wrong from the time his mom booked the session. Then the night before when my husband asked whose shoot was coming up he laughed at me for saying it wrong. It’s not fair – he’s an Amherst boy himself so he has an advantage. I won’t share last names here on the blog but my vowel sounds were wrong and so was the syllable I was emphasizing. I better brush up on my Amherst area names though since we’re headed that way soon.

Location 1

Anyway, we met up at the high school football field which I was pretty excited for. I didn’t have any Amherst football guys last year so this was my first time being on the new field in its complete state. It’s so nice. I like starting with sports for guys for a couple reasons. It’s the easiest wardrobe decision so I feel like that take s a little stress out of the first part of the session. Also, the straight face/no smile look is more fitting for sports so we get to ease into the heavy smiling portion of the session.

Colton was pretty easy to chat with right off the bat. Talking about football and the high hopes of the season is pretty easy to chat about so that might be why. We didn’t go too crazy at the field, just getting some of the classic shots that show the field where he’s playing that final season.

Location 2

Then off to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the rest of the session. We got to drive on some windy backroads I haven’t been on in about 7 years on the way there. You know the kind, the ones you hope you don’t meet the milk truck on. Up through the woods with fingers crossed the truck would start. I think that was more mom’s concern, Colton seemed pretty confident it would fire up. I always like to see the area first and determine the spot and angle for the vehicles to be parked. Say it with me…. Light First!

You know it’s a country kid when you finish the shots with the truck and then grab the shotgun out of the back window rack for the next set of photos. We even got Grandpa’s bee hives in the background of a few because why not? I always make sure to get some photos that are just simple and clean, no props no jazz. Those hold up to all the changes of life and are yearbook approved. By the time we did a few more of those out in the corn field, it was time to be done. Shooting for an hour and a half is about the max for the guys just doing it for mom. I’m pretty sure Colton is in that category but he dealt with this overshooter very well.

Check out some of the great stuff we got!

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