Tyler – Class of 2021

Tyler’s senior session with a bunch of vehicles including Grandpa’s Stingray.

The night of TO’s session he pulled up in Grandpa’s car all ready to get underway. We headed to the dock which I always love for it’s great reflective qualities. There were a few fisherman out there but we worked around them just fine. Not everyone can start their senior session with an audience but he handled it just fine!

Then we had to go to his truck because the truck could not at this time legally travel on the road to a spot of our choice. To have Tyler’s car, his truck and grandpa’s classic in a few shots altogether took some maneuvering and adjusting but we got it done. It definitely helped that Tyler had his friend Ethan there to help with that. (Look for Ethan’s blog coming up by the way!)

We headed out to the hunting land to get some bowhunting and the rest of the session. Being deep in the woods isn’t always my style but the setting was fitting and we made it work pretty darn well I’d say. We did take a few shots sans props because you know, yearbook. To finish off the night we used every bit of remaining light on shots with the Stingray. It was a pretty great night and I have some new favorite shots!

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