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Round 2 for CharAnn and Seth!

This blog post is a little bit unique for me as it spans a whole year! We all know that 2020 was just ugh. It made a lot of us change plans, rethink the way we wanted things done and how we were going to make that happen. There were plenty of bride and grooms who opted to downsize the whole wedding and plenty who put the whole thing off.

But what happens when you have everything booked for your wedding in Wausau and you’re suddenly not allowed to have the gathering you want, but you’re about the friendliest people ever and partying with your friends – like all of your friends – is really important to you?

Well, you party twice!

CharAnn and Seth decided to do what they could in 2020 and still have the big reception, just a year later. CharAnn is the very first bride who didn’t really know me but chose me to be her photographer. That was way back in 2019. I remember when she came to my house to talk wedding stuff, sat in my kitchen where my dogs were slobbering around and the kids were goofing all over, and told me about the plans she had for her wedding day. When all that had to change, and the dinner had to be outside at the ceremony site with a small group of people, we adjusted.

Would I be willing to come shoot the wedding day and then come back the next year to photograph the reception? Of course I will!

Quick recap – last year on June 27th Char and Seth were married at Flowers of the Field by Wausau. It was hot! But it was gorgeous. I specifically remember how great the owners were there and I sincerely hope I get to shoot another wedding there soon. They had a tent set up for a small catered meal with their close family and everything was very relaxed and very them.

Fast forward a year – everyone got all dressed up again and partied it up! I met the party bus at a little country bar they went to and got some quick shots just to make sure that part of the day was captured. Then headed to Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Rothschild. They were announced at the entrance to the dinner, enjoyed a great meal surrounded by a couple hundred of their family and friends, and we got to hear some great speeches in their second versions.

Char and Seth spent a good amount of time really walking around the hall and talking with their guests. It’s so refreshing to see a couple truly appreciate the people who are spending their day with them. The dances started and can I just say – there were some little kids who gave all those 20 somethings a run for their money on that floor!

I was so happy to have the chance to see these two again and their fun families. It was the first wedding of the year for me too and such a sweet way to start it off. So I’m going to let you see some of those images from last year because a wedding blog post needs some ceremony shots. And then I’ll share some of the laid back party stuff from this year too! Enjoy!

  1. CharAnn Rudie says:

    These photos are amazing! Thank you so much Rachel and assistant!!

    • Debbie - mother of groom says:

      Love, Love, Love.
      You ladies were so accommodating, patient, and kind!
      Thank you for the beautiful pics! ❤️

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