Senior Girls Wardrobe

Not sure what to wear for your senior photos? Let me help you figure it out!

Girls have so many options for their wardrobe! That’s why the magazine you get from me has 12 pages dedicated to girls’ wardrobes. Too much for a blog post but I’ll share some bullet points here and what to consider when making your choices.


There are so many fun styles to choose from! You can choose solid or patterned. If you have a patterned top, pair it with solid pants or shorts. You can do a graphic tee for some, something more feminine for another and something cozy comfy for fall. Remember to make sure straps you don’t want seen are easy to hide. Also make sure the neckline is something you are comfortable with when the camera is looking down at you. You may want to make sure you don’t have tan lines that you don’t want. I am personally rocking the tank tan right now!


Pants, shorts, skirts? Mix it up! Make sure you still like the length when you sit. Make sure there’s no weirdness at the waistline that drives you nuts. Long flowy skirts are always fun!


Um, yes! From fun sundresses to glitzy prom, dresses just take the style up a notch. Pair it with some adorable shoes that speak to you and we are golden.


You can totally let your shoes be the highlight of your wardrobe for one outfit. Either crazy heels or bright colored sneakers, whatever your style! Or, kick them off altogether!


Even if you don’t wear it often, a simple pair of earrings or a necklace just adds that little pop of pizazz to your image. If you love jewelry – well then I probably don’t have to tell you to wear some. Go all out!

Let’s talk smart watches for a minute. You probably wear it all the time if you have one. Let’s ditch it for the photos. Trade it out for a bracelet to hide the tan lines.

Pairing it all together:

The most important thing is that you feel like the best version of you in your outfit. Use your wardrobe choices to highlight the sides of your personality you love. You might have a sweet sundress for your girly side, your sports uniform for your competition side, and your ripped up jeans and tee with killer shoes for your bad A side. Let’s not mix patterns, have undergarments showing, or have wrinkles, stains, or poorly fitting clothes.

And cue the inspiration…

Want more? Scroll through senior blog posts from last year to see how wide the styles can be!

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