Damian – Class of 2021

A country boy session complete with Grandpa’s classic cars.

I have been waiting for this for awhile! I love shooting with fun props and a collection of classic cars is right at the top of that list! It seems to me that when a guy who is not all that concerned about senior photos but can include something that is fun and unique it perks the interest a bit.

It took an entourage to get everything in place for this one and I sure do appreciate it. The guys may have had to do some pulling to get the Model A in place because of course it decided not to run that day. We did everything right at Grandpa’s to keep this session simple. There were plenty of great spaces to work with there so it was awesome.

Then we headed out to the field with a Model A, a ’66 Mustang and a ’68 Fairlane 500. This was all fun and I loved it. Damian was even okay with extending the session a little bit and letting me test out some flash equipment which I never use for senior photos. The few at the end are my results from that.

Some of these will definitely be showing up in next year’s Session Guide magazine and be all over my Instagram for quite some time!

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