Kalyn + Josh | Engaged

A dreary fall engagement session with colorful leaves and a front yard campfire.

Kalyn and Josh may not have had a bright and sunny day for their engagement but we got beautiful images anyway! It’s a small world here in Central Wisconsin. These two live just down the road from my last house, they got engaged just down the road from my next house, and when the “I do’s” are said, Kalyn will be a fellow foundry wife. She’s going into the crazy career of nursing though so that’s quite a bit different than this photographer life I’m living.

When I met them at Brainard’s Bridge we were crossing our fingers that the rain would hold off, which it did for the rest of the night. We went through the basics there and thankfully no one fell in the river like one of the family members who were also having photos done there! We headed to Swan Park then which is my favorite place to catch the fall color in the area. That sledding hill gets you up above the trees and you can catch all the color in the background. It was the perfect spot for this fall day.

And the perfect spot for the bubbly!

Kalyn and Josh have an easy silliness together that is so fun to be around. And they both are tough enough to endure the onslaught of mosquitoes we were plagued with. Come on Wisconsin, where is the freeze to kill those things off? Josh did a great job getting the champagne popped, eventually! And he left enough to fill the glasses for a round. After we were all done up there we headed to their place for a little campfire. Kalyn mentioned on their questionnaire that they like to hike and just hang out by the fire so that’s what we did. Josh had even moved some of the firewood into the shed a while back to make sure there was some dry. What a guy!

The way it stands right now, their’s will be my first wedding next year and I am already looking forward to it so much!

Dreary days can be just fine for photos! Want more proof? Check out Chloe + Bronson | Engaged.

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