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Sam and Nolan’s unseasonably warm and muggy October engagement session in Iola, WI.

It is not supposed to be in the 80’s in October when you’re in Central Wisconsin. The leaves are all changing, pumpkin spice is on the menu everywhere, but where is the crispness in the air? Where is the chill that makes you go back in and grab a sweater? When you plan engagement photos in October, you plan sweaters and jackets. Not this year!

This was a fun with friends sort of night for me. Nolan and my husband have been friends since long before Sam or I were in the picture. He was actually the Best Man in our wedding. Then Sam showed up a few years ago and all of a sudden there’s New Year’s traditions and couples things we can do (though rarely have the time). It’s safe to say when they FINALLY got engaged (and I can say that after hearing potential proposal plans for a year) I was pretty excited. Wedding plans could now be discussed in the open with an actual date. That’s now less than a year away.

The only reason Nolan would ever agree to have photos done is for Sam. It was “whatever she wants to do, this is all her thing”. That was apparent throughout the night. The best smiles were when he was looking at her! Sam’s smile was radiant no matter where she was looking. And no, I did not do any sort of color enhancement on her eyes. That’s all for real!

The details…

We started at their place to get just a quick shot with Silver. Then a little stop in town for something with some bridges. Leaving Iola at 5:00 the bank clock said 83 degrees. That’s just dumb. It was sticky out too so Sam’s heavy sweater for outfit #1 did not stay on long!

Jorgens Park. If you’re in Scandinavia and you’re looking for tall grass, rolling hills and a lake view, this is it. I love shooting there so it was a pretty simple choice for this one. They’re both outdoor, jeans and t-shirt people and being out in the field fits them. Of course, for the more important photos, us girls gotta throw on a dress and the color and style Sam had was perfect for a hot fall day! We ended under the glow of the Friday night lights across the street and wrapped up this session right on time. (Or about an hour late, depending on who you ask).

I’m so excited for their wedding next year at Willow Pond, and for the bachelorette party/vacation this summer! I’m sure I’ll have a photo or two to share from that!

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