Chloe + Bronson | Engaged

Stormy skies and gusty winds surrounded this engagement session in Fremont, WI.

It is not easy to have your photos taken on rainy dreary days. Chloe and Bronson didn’t let it bother them, not one bit. All day the radar looked like we might have a few sprinkles, maybe a small rainy cloud to work around. About an hour before it looked like the brunt of the rain was gone. We were all set to be in the clear.

Well, that sort of happened…

On the way to Fremont it rained harder than I have seen in a very long time. Traffic was at a stop on the highway and the overpass was full of cars under it. Insane heavy rain for May in Wisconsin. We decided to start at a little spot under a HWY 10 bridge. After all, they got engaged by the waters of this same river and how fun! Little did we know when we planned that we’d be happy for the cover! It was lightly raining for the 45 minutes or so we were there. Then we headed on down the road to Bronson’s parents’ place and on the way there it poured AGAIN.

But all’s well that ends well. It quit raining and we got to finish out the rest of the session with minimal soaking. These two were so relaxed the whole time, just good with whatever and happy to just be holding onto each other. Which makes sense since they’ve been together over 10 years! And now in 4 months they’ll be committing to all the rest of the decades in a cute country church.

I do hope we get a beautiful day for Chloe and Bronson’s wedding but we can safely say if it’s raining, Chloe can provide all the glow we need!

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