Jensen + Colin | Married

Jensen and Colin were married in an elegant fall wedding with a church ceremony and farm reception.

Jensen and Colin are married!!! It’s so surreal to me. The little girl that had me army crawling under a porch wearing welding gloves to catch her some wild kittens is now a wife. I got scratched up on that kitten retrieving mission all those years ago and I got scratched up in the bean field shooting her wedding pictures. So worth it. And Colin – what a perfect match for her. Colin has the patience of a saint and his love for Jensen is incredibly simple and unconditional. This gorgeous fall wedding is one for the record books!

They didn’t even think about fall colors when they picked their wedding day but holy cow did they ever get them! Saturday had to be peak colors in the area. It was a bit windy, maybe a tad chilly, but it was dry and sunny. If I could plan the weather for a fall wedding day, this would be it.

Church was pretty full in Manawa. A lot of people wanted to see Jensen and Colin be married commit their lives to each other. It’s really fun for me to shoot weddings at St. Paul’s Lutheran, aka my home church. When the doors swung open for Brad to walk his daughter down the aisle it was just perfect. It’s even a large enough church to fit the whole wedding party in front!

Now, about that wedding party….

This is the biggest wedding party, and frankly the biggest wedding, I’ve shot to date. Ten couples stood with Jensen in Colin in front of St. Paul’s to support this marriage and later, keep the party going! They were stunning and elegant and so much fun! I didn’t even hear a single one of them complain that we were downwind by the pit when we took some portraits there. That’s right folks. The pictures that include their dog, Birkley were taken next to the farm’s manure pit. It was totally worth it!

When Jensen and Colin arrived at their reception, they were amazed to see the transformation. Their wedding vision had come to life and everyone of their 500+ guests had a place to eat and celebrate. Ambrosia’s fed all those people with incredible efficiency. Jensen and Colin snuck out during that time to go for a drive and get some sunset photos in the same field we did some of the engagement photos. If you missed that, you should check it out here. After they got the back it was party on! Guests spent the night either keeping the bartenders busy outside, testing out the strength of the concrete dance floor, or deciding which flavor of pączki (POHNCH-kee) they were going to indulge in. There were plenty of to-go treat bags there so some people (pointing finger at myself) just took one or five home to have in the morning.

And the day comes to a close…

It took an army led by the moms to have this wedding come together so beautifully. It was an incredible day celebrating an incredible couple and I’m just so happy for them. Colin – welcome to the family and a big congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Glodowski!

GUESTS – If you were a guest at this wedding, I probably have a photo of you and I would love for you to have it. Request your guest gallery by clicking this link and when the rest of the photos are done, I’ll send you a link to view the ceremony and reception photos. Easy peasy!

There were some pretty great vendors who made this wedding amazing! Ceremony – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Manawa, WI. Bridal Attire – Victorian Bridal, Waupaca. Caterer – Ambrosia’s. Florist – Wild Vine. Invites – Chain O’ Lakes Litho. Printing for Signs, seating charts, and more – Carbon Freckle, Manawa. Hair Stylists – Wellness 360 Bridal. Rentals – Fox Cities Party Rental. DJ – Nite Lights Entertainment. Coordinator – Sydney Brozik at Country Chic Boutique. My awesome second shooter – Danielle Kristine Photography

  1. PICKLES!! Gosh this day was just incredible. Couldn’t have been more perfect!

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  7. Lou Ann says:

    Absolutely gorgeous wedding photos and memories. You’re a talented photographer Rachel.

  8. SANDRA GRULKE says:

    Rachel you did a fantastic job. So much attention was given to small details which makes your pictures so interesting.

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