Sam + Zane | Engagement Session

Sam and Zane’s engagement session in Manawa was a fun night on the very trail where they got engaged!

It was a perfect September night as the sun was sinking over the little town of Manawa. Definitely a great night for an engagement session! I had never met Sam but from emailing and planning she seemed like a heart of gold kind of person. That proved to be accurate as soon as I got there. She is so welcoming and generally good spirited. No wonder Zane popped the question….. finally! They’ve been together for quite some time so this wedding is going to be a celebration of love their friends and family have known about for years!

I pulled up and was greeted by clucking chickens scurrying around the yard. We started right at their house so it was easy to get the dogs in a few shots. Oh yeah, and the kids too! We did manage to get everyone looking in one and that’s always a win!

To the trail!

There’s a trail that’s tucked in along the river in town. Boardwalks take you over the wettest of areas and there’s even a covered foot bridge. That’s where Zane proposed to Sam so of course we have that little spot in a few. The sun was just filtering through the trees and the fall colors were starting to appear. Mosquitoes were nowhere to be found either in the September air and that sure makes me happy!

The shop Zane works at is right by the trail access so when it was too dark in the woods, we headed to the parking lot. Only a photographer will look at big gravel parking lot fringed with white semi trailers and think how perfect it will be for pictures! Sam in her flowy dress and Zane with his bow tie brought the interest to the images while the sunlight bounced off all that gravel.

What a great night, what great people, and what really great photos!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So excited for you both. Great pics.. Love you. Grandma Jane

  2. Debbie and Tom says:

    What beautiful pictures. Your Texas family is very excited for all of you!

  3. Tom LeMay says:

    Awesome pics!! Deedi and I are very happy for the both of you and cant wait for the wedding.

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