Jensen and Colin | Engagement | Waupaca

Jensen and Colin’s engagement session on the farm and at Hartman’s Creek in Waupaca, WI.

What a fun night with Jensen and Colin! I know I say it a lot but this night was particularly enjoyable. Jensen is my second niece getting married this year! It’s going to be a big wedding on the farm too. When you have a girl from a big farm family that knows everyone in the county and a guy from Rosholt, what do you expect? You can check out the first one’s engagement session here if you’d like.

Jensen and Colin are the prime example of “made for each other”. I swear, every time I’m talking with Jensen and Colin pulls up or calls, she is all giddy like she hasn’t seen him in weeks. It’s crazy. She understands his inconsistent hours throughout the work year. He accepts her crazy love of cows and messy bun default setting:) I mean really, the guy proposed in a cow pasture on Christmas Day! The farm and the cows are this girl’s life and he’s more of an equipment guy. Those are pretty great complements to each other.

As far as the engagement session is concerned….

This wedding is going to be on the farm and all the photos will be done there too. Because of that, Jensen wanted some of the engagement session at the farm. But, not all of it. We ended up hopping all over the place for this session and had a great time doing it. I met them at their place, picked out outfits and we drove to Hartman to start. We dodged the angry geese and I absolutely love the stuff we got there! Then back to the farm to change and drive around to all the different spots we could.

Do you remember how I said Colin proposed in a cow pasture? Well, that’s where we ended this session. It’s a special place because Jensen’s grandma’s ashes were scattered up on that hill. There’s a stone engraved there as a remembrance and that’s why Colin proposed there. One problem though, that was a hike! Also, someone didn’t realize we weren’t out the pasture yet. I grabbed the fence thinking it would still be off. It was not.

Shock therapy aside, this was a wonderful evening and I cannot wait for this wedding in October!

Side note – the dog in the barn phots is Hetty. The dog in the field photos is Birkley. They would probably want you to know:)

  1. SANDRA GRULKE says:

    must have been fun working with such a lovely couple. They are so photogenic ! The scenery is beautiful as well as Jensen’s ring. Great pictures.

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