Hayden | Class of 2023 | Waupaca

Hayden’s Senior session around Scandinavia.

How is Hayden already a senior? I mean, I knew his mom and dad from high school and now here we are, doing planning and shooting his senior session already. It seems a little crazy to me. We started at his house to just warm up a bit and get some there with Sasha before deciding if she was coming along to the rest.

Then through the windy twisty backroad to go to Jorgens Park which I love shooting at. Hayden was good with whatever for where we went, even stumbling through the rock bed by the shore and into the thick weeds!

Off to Grandma’s!

We ended the night at his Grandma and Grandpa’s because that’s where the tractors are. These were my favorite shots! Partly because I love me a good tractor and partly because this is when Hayden had the most fun. By the way, this whole family is full of salt of the earth people so anytime chatting with them is a good night. Grandpa did the moving for us so we didn’t lose all our light while moving props so that was clutch. We even had time to wrap up this senior session with one more quick little shot with Sasha!

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