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Lily and Ryan’s beautiful summer wedding at the Harbor Boathouse in Waupaca, WI.

Their plan was simple. Be married and celebrate with their closest family and friends. Keep it simple. Keep it personal. No bridesmaids, no groomsmen, no distractions. Just them at the front of the Boathouse for their summer wedding.


The day came and it was H-O-T! Perfect for a boathouse wedding, especially a boathouse with air-conditioning. The Air BnB apartment Lily got ready in was cute and fun with some great natural light. And her mom, oh what a bundle of sweetness. “She’s happy so I’m happy. Even if I’m a little sad.” Her only baby was having flowers put in her hair and was ready to get into her dress. And what a perfect dress for her! Short and satin with just a little braided detail in the straps. It was adorable and timeless. Getting to spend that little bit of pre wedding time with the bride is one of my favorite parts of the day!

I couldn’t stay too long though since Ryan was waiting in the sweltering heat to see his bride! He was only a block away so Lily walked to him for the first look. Poor guy had to stand facing a building for what he claims was “the longest walk ever!”. But the wait was worth it when he got to turn around and see his beautiful bride to be. It was the best and he even commented on her shoes! Not many grooms do that. Of course not many can see the shoes so that makes sense:)

Portrait time!!!

Typically I try to get a half hour in for bridal portraits and then it’s the craziness of getting the bridal party together and all that jazz. With no bridal party and an hour of portrait time to just wander the grounds, it was a photographer’s dream! There was even an opportunity for Ryan to duck into the A/C while we took some more of just Lily. The water’s edge had a bit of a breeze, and the family arrived right on time for family formals. No stress, no rushing. It was amazing and resulted in a TON of portraits!

Sorry it’s getting long here but it’s worth it! The ceremony, and later the reception, was in the Boathouse at Clearwater Harbor. Just the right size for their number of guests, it was the perfect setting for them. Their close friend officiated as they made their vows and exchanged the rings. Short and sweet to match the dress! Then the best part – the hour and a half cruise on the The Chief Waupaca. All of the guests left the Boathouse, hopped aboard the double decker stern-wheel boat and cruised the lakes.

Back at the Boathouse a transformation took place. Guests now walked in to find their seat and enjoy a delicious meal. The bride and groom thanked everyone for celebrating with them, grandparents signed the marriage certificate (is that not the sweetest) and then it was time to dance! I got home before the 2 inches of rain fell that night, but I’m thinking nobody there cared anymore. I hope they danced in the rain and continue to do so forever!

Lily and Ryan – what an amazing day and I truly feel so honored to be a witness and a part of it!

If you want to glance back at their 6AM engagement session, check that out here! Lily and Ryan | Engaged

Quick shout out to some of the vendors that made the day great!

Clear Water Harbor –

Bridal Shop –

Florist –

DJ –

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