Abbie | Class of 2022

New London Class of 2022. Thern Farm and private property.

I’m seeing red. Only because of all the shiny paint though! Abbie’s senior photo session started off at her place. Dad’s tractors were all shined up and ready for their photo op and Abbie was ready too! This session was earlier this summer when we were all dealing with hazy skies from the fires out west. I typically love glowy backlight but this worked out well. The smoke pouring out of the stack was a lot easier to see with a cloudy sky! How awesome is that by the way?

Besides taking about 5 minutes to get some good ol’ country road shots, we really only needed the tractors at location #1. Then we headed off to Thern Farm which is an absolutely great spot for senior photos! It’s so nice with a whole bunch of options great for your outdoor loving senior. Thern Farm is actually the first place I met Abbie. She’s on the FFA officer team in New London and I took some group photos for them earlier this spring. That was a really windy day so I’m glad our second go around was pretty calm.

Abbie’s black dress against the red buildings was just my style! A quick wardrobe change and then we could get the FFA jackets in for a few shots. Abbie is interested in agronomy so it was perfect that there was a soybean field right by the farm. In good agronomist style, we were very careful to not step on any plants or knock off any beans.

Just gonna throw this out there. I may have moved, but I’m still not too far from New London. Class of 2023 – I will happily come to you guys, especially if you want to go to Thern Farm!

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