Carson | Class of 2022

A senior session on the farm complete with John Deere green and a big rig!

Oh my word, did I ever love this shoot! You know I’m a farm girl at heart and even though my only tractor is blue, I really love a shiny John Deere in photos! I headed north of Iola for this one, quite a ways north actually. Lashua farm is pristine, the kind of place that makes dairy look good! Carson had two particular things he wanted his photos to include – his tractor and his semi. When I got there we jumped in the truck to location scout and decided to start up on the feed lot. A big slab of concrete reflects light perfectly for my style so when it’s available, it’s a must for me.

Big limestone yards are great too so to have some variety Carson brought the semi to the end of the free stall barn. The blue against the corn looks pretty sharp if you ask me. All we had to do was walk around the barns to get some other great stuff. The mix of buildings and gates work perfectly for a farm shoot. When there’s a football jersey to add, there’s always somewhere to hang it from.

I love shooting at the farm! I’m pretty sure all my farm peeps would agree. Check out these great images and let me know what you think in the comments!

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