Trevor – Class of 2021

Trevor’s senior session at Little Falls and Keller Park.

You don’t have to have photos done in your own town. Trevor wanted to get out a little further and we headed up to Big Falls to start his session. I love shooting at Little Falls, the park there with the fun bridge. One thing about senior guys – it is quite common for a guy to be hesitant to let the full smile out. I thought Trevor might fit into that group, which would have been fine. He has a really nice natural smile without letting the pearly whites out. But, a short while into his session he chuckled at something and I found gold. Every time I asked him for the “full smile” there was a little bit of laugh with it and it made his smile so genuine, I just loved it.

Little Falls was great and all but then we went to Keller Park. I didn’t know about this place but now I will definitely be back. The lake there is awesome and so accessible! Huge bonus points for photo ops. We trecked down below the falls to get some of that in a few shots. It’s a little dark in there but I think the water behind made it worth it. I so want to go back in the winter!

Lastly though we got to go out to his grandparents and that is where the skies cleared at just the right moment and we got this awesome glow that makes my heart sing. Throw in the bow and life was looking pretty darn good through my lens.

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