Dutch – Class of 2021

Back at the ball field for Dutch’s senior session in Waupaca, WI

Dutch’s session had a few of my favorites in it. There were some really cute Goldendoodles and we got to go the baseball field. I was a little surprised at myself when I realized it was the first time I’d been there this year, and it’s one of my favorite sports to shoot!

We started at Dutch’s house and got to include the doggies. Oh my, his new puppy just looks like a little teddy bear! The very kind neighbors let us use their dock which had a tad better light and then we headed out to good old Waupaca High School.

The skies were deep that evening but we had light coming through in just enough spots. I don’t always have blue skies in my photo style, but with just the right cloud placement I got to that night. The big open field between the parking lot and the highway made for a good grassy spot.

This year’s sports seasons aren’t going to look like anyone imagined for these seniors, but we’re gonna try our best to figure it out. The love of baseball doesn’t have to end because it doesn’t go the way you want. (Spoken like the Brewers fan I am!) And senior photos should still include your sports! I loved hanging out at the field with Dutch and his mom and I think he got all the shots he was thinking, and a whole bunch more!

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