Seattle – Class of 2021

Seattle’s session with a touch of the future and a touch of what should have been.

We had a few fun things to include in this session and we got it all done! The night of Seattle’s session there was a demonstration going on down town in Waupaca. I was a little concerned we wouldn’t have access to the white wall on the side of Mainstreet Marketplace, but it all worked out. Navy against a white wall is always a good combo in my opinion. Of course with the nursing scrubs we had to have a mask included. The basketball was in for just a couple. We’ll be getting a basketball focused mini session in later this year so that will be really fun!

The Eco Park has been one of my favorite grassy spots to shoot but be warned – Wild Parsnip has made it’s way there. Ugh, I’m so mad at that stuff! (PSA – If you have no idea what I’m talking about check it out It’s dying down now but remember this for next summer and don’t touch it!)

Regardless, Seattle put on her gorgeous prom dress and we carefully found spots that wouldn’t result in parsnip reactions. She had gotten shoes specifically for her prom dress and hadn’t worn them yet so that was an exciting moment! I loved the layers upon layers of her dress and the way they swished and flowed. The setting sun made everything glow and gave us a beautiful end to the night’s session.

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