Ashley and Chad | Engaged

A Summer Engagement on the Farm with Rachel Jensen Photography.

I’m not sure exactly when I met Ashley, the years blend together a bit. But I do know it was when she worked at Roots where I go for chiropractic care. Which means she has seen me bring my crazy boys in and heard all the stories that go on in our home. Maybe that’s why she’s trusting me to capture her and Chad’s wedding day in a few months. The love of the farm life is a strong bond with us country peeps! Chad I’ve know for years through St. Paul’s Church and the Lutheran School days of long ago.

Planning a wedding isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Throw in that they have a couple kiddos to take care of and just added another one to the chaos of life. I probably shouldn’t say “just” since their littlest is already 8 months old and I don’t know where that time went! I really feel like time keeps speeding up! It’s like we were just discussing a wedding that was a year and a half away and now it’s in 3 months.

That is why we needed to get the engagement session done! A little note for all you thinking about your engagement location. If a farm is an option, I will always be for it! Wednesday was a little warm for the beginning of June but at least we had a tiny breeze. Except when we started by the wall of fans and had a huge breeze! Ashley’s hair was looking incredible (thanks, Katie!) so we made sure not to wreck the curls right off the bat! I should have kept a tally of how many times she said to Chad, “don’t crush my hair”, but I flopped on that one.

Great things about shooting on the farm include interesting buildings for backdrops, big open spaces, green grass, gravel driveways and of course – equipment. Give some extra cred to Chad for taking time out of haying season to not only have engagement photos done but also wash up a tractor. The sun was setting when we were wrapping up and I am in love with the glow of a sunset over a hay field.

Now if we can put in our order for the weather to be the same on wedding day…..

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