Elia – Class of 2021

Elia’s senior session with jerseys, water, back roads and a whole lotta pretty!

I am so glad I got to meet Elia! Partly because I wasn’t sure how to pronounce her name so I was saying it differently in my head all the time. (Ah-lee-ah). Not Ee-lee-ah which is what I had somewhat settled on. Here’s some behind the scenes scheduling fun on this one. For whatever reason my husband ended up having to work late which he can usually schedule around my sessions. But, not this time. My wonderful assistant (slash niece) agreed to hang out with my kids at the park for the first part of Elia’s session and then join up with us when we got to the park and hubby was there to get the kids. It all worked out!

Anyway, we started in town for a few wall shots that would let the soccer and volleyball jerseys stand out. We had a beautiful sunny night and Elia’s sweet smile made it that much better. Then we went to the beach and this awesome girl even sat in the water for me which ended up being my sneak peek.

Her house was a hike but so very worth it. Grassy land with a big old stand alone tree in the middle made me a happy photog! Plus being on a rarely travelled backroad meant we shot on the road for probably 20 minutes and never had a vehicle to deal with. That was pretty awesome, I will admit some jealousy at the lack of traffic.

I’m so happy with this session and I’m pretty sure Elia is too. We even got a quick set with her bow so there was something for dad to really love!

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