Morgan – Class of 2022

Senior photos with your horse in the pouring rain anyone?

This session was a refreshment for me. I gotta admit, the senior season has started off slower than usual. No Senior Rep Program this year made for a slow June schedule and then some rain reschedules. But this session is just what I needed to reenergize my excitement and creativity.

Morgan is just adorable! Cute style, the easiest laugh and that hair! We started out at the Lind Town Hall and the light was gorgeous peeps! I was so excited to have a nice night and a great senior. I had a really hard time leaving and heading out to the next spot. Seriously, my assistant Becca can totally attest to that. It was her first session with me and she’s probably now thinking the hardest part of her job is keeping me on track 🙂

But we did eventually get to the next place which was A to Z Training Stables to get pictures with her pretty paint, Roxy. There was not a cloud in the sky while Morgan’s mom and sister got Roxy ready. Morgan and I were getting some more quick “just her” photos and all of a sudden the wind picked up. Then some dark clouds showed up to the north. Becca pulled up radar and said “Yeah, we’re gonna get hit.” I really tried to believe it would miss us to the north but she showed me the radar and that wasn’t gonna happen.

So we picked up the pace. Roxy was fine to be out in the field where there was munchy grass so that was good. A quick wardrobe change and we were out in another field with no raindrops yet. But it was clearly coming so our attempt at some quick horseback shots were a no go. Roxy was not having it. A couple quick with the clouds rolling in were good compromises.

Then it hit!

The rain came hard and fast. Morgan and Roxy running through the field in the pouring rain was the most fun I’ve had shooting in a long time. We said we were done and Audrey headed to the barn with Roxy. Then I thought, “well, we’re already wet.” Asked Morgan if she wanted to do a few more in the rain and she was all for it. You guys, we were absolutely drenched! It was sheeting rain and the drops were massive.

It was the best thing ever!

Also, now I am confident that the weather sealing is really good on my camera. I don’t want to drop it in a lake or anything but I’m good with standing in the rain with it again!

Check out these images and please please comment and tell me your favorite photo, set, or just how fun you think Morgan must be!

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