Before and Afters | The County E House

Warning – ugly photos ahead!

In about a month and a half we’re going to be leaving County E and headed to ??? Yeah, we don’t know that yet. But we’ve done a butt load of work while we’ve been here. I took an evening a couple weeks ago to put together a bunch of before and afters and have a book made of it. So when I realized it was Tuesday and I am supposed to blog on Tuesdays, why not blog this? It is, after all, where most of Rachel Jensen Photography’s growth has happened.

Forgive some of the before photos. They are downloaded off the old real estate listing and not the greatest quality of all time. As for all the changes, we’ve been here almost four years. Throw in that we also started raising beef and had a third kiddo in that time, and I’d say we did pretty well.

I’m not gonna go into the sappy remembering all that happened here stories. I’m just going to say a lot of life was lived here and I sure hope the next owners love it and enjoy making their own memories!

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