Karyn | Class of 2022

A sunny senior session in the streets of Waupaca and the fields of A to Z Training Stables with Rachel Jensen Photography.

Karyn’s session ( that’s said “car-in”) finally got to happen and we had absolutely perfect weather for it! A couple weeks prior when it had been schedule everything was soaked from two days of rain with more on the way so we rescheduled. Hawk – the massive black horse she loves – needed a bright sky for some contrast after all!

Starting in downtown Waupaca looks a little different this year. I’ve had a lot of people comment that they want the town feel but don’t know if it will work because of the construction. The thing is, the construction is on Main St. I very very seldom shoot on Main St. It’s cluttered and busy and full of too many distracting signs for my taste. It’s the side streets and alleys that offer the look I go for. That makes downtown just as good this year as any other year.

It sure was good for Karyn! We stopped at few different spots, got that city vibe with some sass and then softened it up a bit with a sundress. I love complementing the edgy attitude with the girly sweetness. Gotta show all sides of a personality for senior photos!

Speaking of sass……

The real sass happened at A to Z Training Stables and it ALL came from HAWK. I don’t think Karyn will be offended at all when I say – attitudes like Hawk’s are the reason we schedule extra time in with animals. That boy refused to be still for a second and wanted nothing to do with anyone. A lot of patience and a lot of shots later we did get a few that are great. That’s about all we could hope for there.

Ending the night when the sun just dipped below the horizon gave us that soft evening glow that I crave! We had tall lush green grass with some flowering weeds to make the last few shots of the night just plain dreamy. Enjoy scrolling through these and if you have a minute – let me know which is your favorite! I’m always curious!

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