McKenna and Riley | Engaged

An unseasonably cold spring engagement session with McKenna and Riley at Brainard’s Bridge and Swan Park, Waupaca, WI.

McKenna and Riley may very well have a warmer day for their late October wedding than they did for late April engagement pictures. Is it weird to think we lucked out on weather for a spring engagement session when it was 40 degrees? It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t super windy so that’s pretty good for this April. That’s what spring of 2022 has done to us here in Wisconsin. It’s just ridiculous.

I met with McKenna a couple months ago to talk about potentially shooting their wedding. It was a crazy morning, my husband got stuck at work last minute so the kids had to come with. (They are certainly old enough to handle that but chose to be obnoxious instead.) For some reason, McKenna didn’t turn and run at my chaotic condition. It’s a good sign too, because Riley is a dairy farmer and all us farm kids know plans change fast in that career!

When they got out of the car I had two thoughts. 1 – yes! They dressed it up and look fantastic! 2 – her poor feet are going to freeze. She toughed it out and looked adorable doing it. You guys know I love some contrast with outfits so her navy with his light shirt is right up my alley! When I asked how they were doing, the first thing Riley said was “ready for some pictures!” Just like that, I knew the night was going to be a breeze.

Now, I love shooting weddings. But I’m telling you, I wouldn’t love weddings without getting to do engagement sessions like this. Just the two of them in a much lower stress situation than the wedding day will be lets me really see how they interact and get to know them a little bit. They could even pull off sitting poses since they fit so perfectly with each other!

The only difficulty I had with this session was narrowing down my favorites for the blog. You guys, these are not all the photos McKenna and Riley will be getting from this session. It’s about a quarter of what their final gallery will be!

Waupaca has a lot of little parks, some of them are great for photos, some just for sitting and enjoying nature. If you’re looking – here’s the page for that!

  1. Carrie Kolz says:

    Two beautiful people inside and out 🥰

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