Kerrigan and Sam | Winter Engagement

A sunny end of winter engagement session in Amherst, WI with Rachel Jensen Photography.

My first engagement session of the year and it was pretty special! First of all, Kerrigan is my niece so that’s extra exciting! Second, we did it at my new place (and some on my in-laws) so that was fun for me. Third, Sam knows camera gear and totally understood my excitement for using a new lens and forgetting I could now zoom. Fourth and final, it was 60 degrees and I have been so ready for that. All wonderful things!

Now I don’t know Sam all that well but I do know Kerrigan is so happy since Sam’s been around. He planned such a great proposal for her too, even flying her best friend in from Texas! That was about a month ago. They both are “know what they want and go for it” people, without every little thing having to be perfect. That’s the personalities you need to get engaged in February and married in July! I know, right! But teachers get married in the summer and they didn’t want to wait a year and a half so this summer it is! I’m just glad we had warmer weather for photos than they did for the proposal!

The only thing not wonderful on Wednesday was the mud. Everything in the area is clay so with the warm weather it is muddy nasty. The main goal of the night – don’t fall! Second goal, equally as important, get great photos. Check and check! These two are so stinkin’ cute! Sam has her laughing all the time and then she gets the nose crinkle and it’s just so genuine and so natural. We barreled through the mud puddles on the Ranger to get up to the little pines and jumped flowing rivers coming out of the hills. Well, rivers that were a foot wide and will be gone as soon as the snow melts. Then found the most gorgeous light right at the top of the hill as the sun set. It was so great and I can’t wait for their wedding!

Also, I hear they have a really cute ring bearer too! (Kerrigan’s my little guy’s godmother:)) Okay okay, here’s my faves.

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