Kalyn + Josh | Married

Kalyn and Josh’s rainy day wedding in Waupaca, WI with Rachel Jensen Photography.

Rain on your wedding day is still good luck, right? I wonder where that saying came from. Whatever the origin may be, we did have good luck on this day. During the ceremony it was raining pretty hard, but it stopped completely right in time to go outside for pictures after. Then when the bridal party got to the reception we had time for a quick shot or two on the deck. Ten minutes later it was pouring!

Kalyn and Josh are the perfect couple to deal with a rainy day. They weren’t worried about everything being exactly as planned, just getting married and having a great day celebrating with family and friends. The dusty blue hue of the dress, the light colored suits and Kalyn’s bright smile all added some springiness to this day and that was all we needed! This simple ceremony at St. Mary Magdalene was stunning in the wide open church with all the windows a photographer could want.

The little town of Fremont was hopping when we got to the Fremont River Deck for the reception. I hadn’t been there since it was revitalized and remodeled. Guests look out over the river when they look towards the head table and it fees like a wide open space. The speeches from Kalyn’s dad, the best man and the maid of honor had everyone laughing. And the DJ had that dance floor filled all night! Enjoy some of my favorite shots from this day!

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