Madison – Class of 2021

A beautiful senior session with a country style wardrobe and a couple sassy horses!

It’s a small world we live in here in Central Wisconsin! My boys and I recently started taking riding lessons just down the road from my place. The second week there when we walked into the barn there was a huge beauty of a black horse in the aisle. The lady with him introduced herself as Madison’s mom, they had just booked her senior session with me.

A couple weeks before Madison’s session I went out to their place because her mom, Chris, just wanted to make sure I thought it would work well out there for pictures. My heart went all pitter patter! They had variety with grasses and the tall pines and fields. She wanted a couple of her horses in some and had her aunt’s old truck she wanted to use for a few. Oh, just heavenly. Yes, this will work!

The night of Madison’s session everything came together wonderfully. The only issue we had was that it was very buggy. Big Joe didn’t mind it as much but Marshall, that gorgeous Appaloosa, was not having it. Kind of a stinker about the whole thing. But I loved it! We shot later into the evening than I normally would just to make sure and some of those last ones are on my favorites list!

Most of the time when I deliver someone’s final gallery there are one or two extra that were either funny or an entourage picture with everyone. This time there were about a dozen of those I just put in all of Marshall being sassy. If you know Madison, maybe you’ll get to see some of those on her feed! There are also a few more images in this post than usual. I try to narrow down my favorites but that wasn’t happening here!

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