Haylie – Class of 2021

Haylie’s senior session was a mix of urban edge and beautiful nature highlighted by her glowing vibe!

I am at a point in life when I don’t personally know all that many high schoolers in the area. When I started photography a few years ago I had a pile of nieces and nephews in school and I knew a bunch of their frineds just through them. Now most of my clients are new to me, but this one didn’t feel that way. I knew Haylie’s name because she’s always commenting the sweetest things on my instagram posts and just what she writes gives off this bubbly, friendly vibe. When she messaged I could not wait for her session!

We met up downtown and she walks up in this flowy shirt and black hat. I am loving the style already. Then I realize under that hat she has a really edgy haircut that I’m super jealous of. She had braided her hair ahead of time and let it out to have all the waves! We had no clouds which was a bit surprising with the forecast that day, but I was real happy because we were ending the night by flowers and I just love sun with that!

Walking around town was a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. Then we headed to Hartman’s which she picked and it was just perfect lighting there. The session could not have gone better in my opinion and I can’t wait to see Haylie again! She’s one of my Complete Session clients so we’ll be getting together again during the school year for a couple mini sessions. Can. Not. Wait.

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