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Joey’s senior session, the one where the dog got skunked and the glow was on point.

Let’s just get right to it here. We did a bunch of the normal warmup stuff at a neighbor’s place, yadda yadda ya. That was all good and I really do like those shots. Classic, timeless, kind of fit anywhere sort of shots. But Joey’s senior session got much more interesting when we headed down to the road to the barn where he keeps his cattle.

First of all, the kids loves to show beef and steers. He picked it up a few years ago and I think he caught the cattle bug. He’s done pretty well with it too. Getting the cow and calf out of the barn was like a tiny little rodeo! Calves on a halter are so fun! A few with those and then we got this year’s steer out too.

Somewhere in there it got stinky.

Sweet old lab, Tucker, was exploring during this time and though we didn’t see what he found, we could smell it. One of those great black cats with the white stripe must have been in the woods. The rest of the night there were whiffs of skunk in the air. It wasn’t horrible, just there and memorable. Joey still took some pictures with his old friend, we just made it quick!

I have a lot of favorites in this gallery and so did mom, hence the extras! Enjoy! If you want to see more cattle, check out these past seniors: Becca | Class of 2022 or Rachel | Class of 2022 .

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