Miranda and Dick | Married | Plover Wedding

A small town Wisconsin wedding full of love and support for this awesome couple!

When you live way out in the country and you’re a part of the farming community, everyone knows everyone. Miranda grew up about 2 miles down the road from me so when she contacted me that she was getting married, I knew it would be a fun one. I didn’t know who this groom was but when we did the engagement session I got to know him pretty quick.

These two are the kind of couple that you know are made for each other. They are constantly laughing and happy just to be together. Miranda and Dick make each other’s life complete and it shows when you see them together. The original plan was for the ceremony to be at Jorgenson Park in Scandinavia. Miranda decided to move it to church a few months ago and I think all in attendance are grateful for it. It was hot hot hot outside. The little church in Scandi was packed, but at least there was air conditioning!

You know, things don’t have to go off without a hitch to get hitched! We may have got a little behind with some technical difficulties for the ceremony. We may have taken some extra time getting everyone where they needed to be for some photos. I stole about 5 minutes for some bride and groom portraits and then we had a party to get to!

Every part of this wedding came together with the help of family and friends. Miranda and Dick not only have a ton of love for each other but have a pretty great family who all love them both.

And now – here’s some of my favorites!

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