Tashiana + Jake | Engaged | Green Bay

Tashiana and Jake’s Green Bay engagement session at Fonferek’s Glen complete with waterfalls, dusty trails and perfect sunset glow!

This engagement session might go in the books as one of my favorites! It’s gonna be hard to beat. Tash just said a waterfall would be cool and since I didn’t know any off the top of my head – Google to the rescue. I had never heard of Fonferek’s Glen but it looked pretty neat so we decided on that. You guys – the satellite view does no justice to how much variety is packed into those few acres.

I’ve known Jake since bonfire parties in high school so I knew he wasn’t going to mind tromping through woods and rocks and all the terrain we had. I haven’t known Tash as long so I will admit, I held my breath for a second at one point. About 15 minutes in her foot and leg went right down in the water and the jeans were soaked. Some people would have had a hard time with that. Breath released – she just rolled with it. Literally, rolled the pants up and barefooted the rest of it. It was fabulous!

We made our way through the creek bed, around the trails, past the barn and to the fields. Now I know the gate has a sensor to let you out if you’re in the park a little past closing time too:) They were both up for whatever and we just kept moving up the hill as the light faded.

All good things….

I could have spent another hour at that place! But, I schedule sessions with only two hours of light remaining to spare my couples that selfish desire I have to shoot forever! With the wedding coming up this fall I won’t have to wait too long to shoot with them again so I’ll be okay. I have a feeling there’ll be some Busch Light shots at that one too:)

If you’re in the Green Bay area and have a little time to spend, check out Fonferek’s Glen. https://www.browncountywi.gov/community/parks-department/general-information/fonfereks-glen/

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