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Elizabeth and Dan chose to have their wedding in Waupaca and do it right with a lakeside venue, Friday Fish Fry, and an awesome band!

Two busy careers, looking for a home to purchase, and planning a wedding half a country away? No problem. That’s what Elizabeth and Dan have spent the last few months doing. They are both born and raised in Seattle and that’s where they’ll be spending the foreseeable future. Elizabeth has a bunch of family here in Wisconsin and has vacationed on the Chain her whole life. So why not get married here and build a vacation into it. They could use it!

We skipped the first look but still did portraits before the ceremony. We did it quick! A few little stops around the reception area, then we headed out to the chapel. The stairway leading to the little private dock for that area made for some absolute favorites of mine! The cloudy day meant no real sun glow but it also meant no sweltering heat and I’ll take that! We didn’t have a wedding party either so tight spots were just fine.

Oh we’re… going to the chapel and we’re…. gonna get ma-a-a-rried….

You did hum the tune with that last line right? It was in my head because that’s exactly what happened next. There’s a little chapel near the lake I had never even heard of called Camp Cleghorn. There’s not an actual “camp” there anymore, but the chapel hosts services throughout the summer and it’s available for weddings. That’s where they decided to say their vows. The steep slope from the back to the stage in front let everyone easily see just how radiant Elizabeth was in her lace gown as her dad walked her down the aisle.

After the ceremony everyone hopped back on the trolley to go to the Indian Crossings Casino. How Elizabeth planned such fun and well coordinated decorations from across the country I have no idea. The tables were each named after one of the lakes and the oranges and golds worked together perfectly. This was a Friday wedding on the Chain in Wisconsin so dinner was……. a traditional Friday Fish Fry!

Once the band fired up it was party on! Carbon Road was seriously fantastic! When you picture a wedding at the Casino, this is what it should be. Everyone rocking it out on the dance floor to a great band, chatting around the bar tables with a drink in hand, and standing by the open deck doors waving at the people passing by on pontoons. What a great night!

Congratulations Elizabeth and Dan! I sure hope you got relax a few days after all this planning!

Shout out to these vendors!

Check out the band – https://www.facebook.com/carbonroadband/

Indian Crossing Casino – https://www.iccwaupaca.com/

Florist – Blooming Envy –https://www.bloomingenvy.com/

  1. Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys! We send you all our love and wish you all the years ahead filled with happiness!!

  2. Congradulations to the most beautiful people! I love you so much and hope for you both the happiest long life together! Thank you both for sharing your special day with your family and friends! This was the best day ever ❤️ 💕

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