Savannah – Class of 2021

An evening with Savannah at South Park and Swan Park in Waupaca.

When a senior books their session with me I send a questionnaire for them to help us plan their session. One thing I ask is for a favorite feature about yourself. Savannah answered athletic and tall. I did not realize how tall. 6’1″ and loving every bit of it!

South Park is always nice to shoot at with the Hutchinson House and the fountain on in the summer. Savannah was awesome with directions and adding a little lean when we needed to. Her dog Dallas though? Not so much. She had no desire to sit when the grass was so nice and comfy!

At Swan Park there is a path that cuts into the woods. I’ve shot at that little opening often in the fall but I hadn’t ventured over there in the summer. The undergrowth is so thick in the woods it creates a black backdrop that I just loved! The flowers – aka weeds – were blooming on the hill and you can bet we made use of that too!

We picked Swan Park so we could get a hint of basketball and volleyball in. The gym for those things seems a bit out of the question right now. We had fun with it and tested out how completely unflexible I am when trying to get low for a shot. The verdict is very unflexible by the way.

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