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Gianna’s senior session with her four-legged friend Truly, at AtoZ Stables in Waupaca.

There was one important thing we needed to include in Gianna’s senior session – her Arabian horse, Truly. He’s over at Audrey’s, or more officially, A to Z Training Stables. We planned out the whole session there with multiple outfits and options for horse or no horse. After working out all the schedules with work and county fair, we ended up with a beautiful day to get it all done.

Truly was all ready and looking his best when I got there. Gianna doesn’t have to do a thing to look her best so we jumped right into outfit one warm up and then got Truly involved. The lush grass next to the barn was a great easy spot to start. Then an outfit change and some wandering around the property with the old buildings and stone barn foundations gave us some awesome variety and options too!

Our last venture was to see if Truly would be comfortable with Gianna sitting bareback and a flowing dress draped over him. He did great and this is where we got some beautiful shots that highlight the connection between horse and rider. Some snuggles right at the end and we were all finished up with this shoot.

I enjoyed this session so much! It was the only one I had this year with a horse involved. Since I live vicariously through my seniors with horses to quell my desire to own one myself, I really needed this one! I was getting way dangerously close to letting my husband get the donkey that he wants so thank you Gianna and Truly!

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