Carmen + Jake – Engagement – Algoma

Carmen and Jake had a beautiful engagement session by the pier and around the countryside of Algoma, WI.

There are few types of people I can imagine enjoying working with more than fellow farm couples. There’s a connection there that is unlike any other profession I have experienced and I love it! Carmen and Jake are both in the dairy industry on the east side of the state. Carmen works with family on the farm and Jake works for a dairy supply company. With such a beautiful area surrounding their home we decided to start their session right at the pier in Algoma. I lived up there for a little over a year a long time ago and I’ll take any excuse to head back that way!

The skies were perfectly agreeable for the afternoon on the beach. Clouds covered the sun in just the right spots for the most part and we made good use of it! The beach of Lake Michigan is a little bit gravely in that strip and in October it’s not packed like it can be in summer. Perfect for strolling along the waves and cuddling up by the sand. We found just the right angles to get the red lighthouse in the background while we were at the pier. This was a treat for me since the biggest lakes we have in my area you can usually see the shoreline on the other side. Not over by the Big Lake!

We couldn’t spend all of our time there though so we found a little park with some colorful trees and grasses along the Ahnapee State Trail. Simple fall colors and fallen leaves were the goal for that little pitstop and we achieved it!

Then the small world of agirculture made itself known….

Now to decide on the final location. Jake said to Carmen they could go to a friend’s barn, it’s right across the road from Fenendael’s. I got a quick side glance from him when I said the first names of that family farm. “How do you know them?” “That’s where I worked when I lived here some 16 or so years ago.” Turns out my former bosses are customers of his, Carmen went to school with their kids, a coincidental connection we discovered because of a barn. The smallness of the normal world gets shrink wrapped when you talk about agriculture!

The shots at that old barn were pretty cool too with it’s ivy covered wall and the sun peaking just behind the metal roof. These were right up my alley and the location fit Carmen and Jake’s personalities too! Even little pup Elsa made an appearance here thanks to Carmen’s mom. Elsa was probably wondering why she was getting cuddles camera clicks instead of chasing birds in the open field. A quick stroll along the silage bags and we wrapped this session up before the chill set in too deep for comfort.

The sun was setting when I headed on down the road but I can’t wait to head back for this wedding next summer. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a fun crowd and Carmen and Jake are going to be the happiest couple east of Green Bay!

P.S. – It was my first time getting to shoot by a lighthouse, but not the first time with a good old silage bag. Check out this throwback to Jensen and Colin’s engagement session here!

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