Ethan – Class of 2021

An all around country session!

Ethan is another one of my Spokesmodels this year. I will admit because I don’t think he’d mind, he’s not one to share a ton to social media or get all excited about having photos done. That is totally up to his mom! But he is one to be willing to do the whole picture thing – under the right circumstances.

Those circumstances were essentially having some fishing stuff in a few. Yup, I can do that. We started in Nelsonville and then went to his grandparents. There we hopped on the 4×4 and looked at locations, may have driven right through the creek. I loved it! We had a perfect 70 degree day, I learned what a fly rod is and we saw a fawn.

Folks – it was a big deal for me. I am ALWAYS the last one in my family to see a fawn in the spring. This year I think I was the last person in the county!

We ended the night with some shots with a dirt bike that is very special to Ethan. Grandpa Cowboy and Grandma were there to watch and mom let the hat come out. This hat was apparently black when he got it and I did not adjust the color of it. It’s just that wore.

This session was pretty fun for me and I’m thinking we’re gonna do some fun shots in the fall too with some hunting gear! I can’t wait, I know Ethan’s mom will be excited and I’m pretty sure Ethan will be fine with more pictures – under the right circumstances!

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