CharAnn and Seth – Married!

Wedding day for CharAnn and Seth finally came! It feels like this has been on the calendar forever!

Char contacted me something around a year ago that they were getting married and could I shoot their wedding. Oh my gosh, yes! The plan for this wedding changed through the last few months. Their big wedding got knocked down to just family but that’s okay. They’re gonna have another party next year and I get to take pictures at that too so double the fun for me!

Wedding day was h-o-t! And if you’re from Wisconsin you know – it’s not so much the heat. (Say it with me) It’s the gosh darn humidity! If you don’t get that reference, message me, I will explain:) But it was humid and everything was outdoors. Char and Seth didn’t really care. They are bright side people through and through. I heard many times through the day “at least it’s not raining”.

Okay, let’s get down to the details here. Flowers of the Field in Mosinee is gorgeous. Todd and Sandy that own it are simply great. I met them for literally two minutes and just from that I would work with them again in a heartbeat. Char’s bridesmaids had everything under control from the moment they all got there. They were running around lighting the candles, mixing lemonade, helping me move stuff and making sure Seth stayed on the opposite side of the building! When Char put her dress on and this all got real they were all oohing and ahhing away.

Seth and Char didn’t do a first look but Char did one with her Dad. I don’t think Dale will mind me saying he’s not the gushy type but I think there was even some emotion showing when he saw his girl in her wedding dress. Then during the processional Seth’s mom had me crying as she was trying not to cry when Seth walked her down the aisle. Seth’s dad couldn’t because he was officiating which was just awesome for them. To have someone who knows, loves and supports your relationship 110% is so very meaningful and he did an excellent job of speaking to who they are.

The ceremony was deep and personal under the copper roofed pavillion. When the I Do’s were said Char rang the bell as any bride there does, then they walked down the paver path together where there will soon be a brick with their names on it. Such a cool tradition there.

We did not take overly long for portraits but I could’ve hung out with this wedding party all day. It’s like they had all been trained ahead of time to hold their flowers (and tumblers for the guys) at the right height. They all laughed real laughs when asked to and were just so willing to do whatever would make Seth and Char’s day the best it could be. There was even a little bag toss smack talk during portrait time. These are my kind of people.

The speeches were sweet (mostly Gill’s) and funny (mostly Justin’s). The first dances might have been my favorite. They picked songs that were special and unique which I have since downloaded. During the Daddy/daughter dance Char’s grandpa came over and cut in at the end and my heart just melted. Don’t worry, I don’t think Dad minded. And for the Mother/son dance, I had to just hope auto focus was working real well because I may have been teary.

I can’t wait for the unique chance to photograph these two again at their 1 year party! Let me know which photos are your favorites!

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