Anna – Class of 2021

A session tailor made for a farm girl! Did we ever have a gorgeous night for this session! I have known Anna for a long time through family connections and being a part of the agricultural world. She’s loves her cattle and is really, really good at showing them off. Hence all the ribbons, plaques, trophies and banners.

We started at her grandparents place on the beautiful Tomorrow River. That was pretty and fun, but the real good stuff came at Anna’s house. Her mom and brother spent some time tacking up a whole bunch of her awards while her bf got Marshall ready for his part of the shoot. Marshall is, of course, the steer. It was a lot of fun putting all this together, especially since this group is just fun to be around anyway.

After we were done with all the colorful ribbons Anna put on her prom dress which I loved! Marshall was willing to have a few more pictures but then he was done. So we wandered through the pasture so the rest of the herd could take part. We had glowy light coming through the trees and it was just perfection. A last minute halter breaking on one little calf and we were wrapped up for the night.

This girl loves her cows and the cows love her! Thanks for letting me join the herd for the night, Anna!

  1. Debbie Bunk says:

    Beautiful job! Thanks for making her experience so much fun!

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