Carson – Class of 2021

A hot summer night in downtown Stevens Point!

I love when I meet people for the first time at their session and in about a minute I know we’re gonna be laughing and joking around a lot. That’s how Carson’s session was. We were in downtown Stevens Point and it was HOT. We thought about rescheduling but Carson – in the nicest way – said nope. “I cannot handle another week of her (mom) talking about what I should wear!”

Downtown Stevens Point is fast becoming a favorite location for me. We ventured to a different block and found some great light to shoot in. Carson found a place to hide and change quick for some variety. It was so muggy, when his mom held the clothes he had just changed out of I heard “Ew, this is all sweaty!” Yup, it was a scorcher.

The square was full of people just chilling out and kids playing in the fountain. The whole night had the classic feel of summer in the city and the vibe was awesome. A walk around Pfifner Park finished off the evening as kids were jumping off the dock into the Wisconsin River. It just doesn’t get more summer than that.

I delivered this gallery with some extra funny shots that Katina said made them laugh out loud when they saw them. It was good memories that night, just what I aim for during a senior session!

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