Alayna – Class of 2021

Alayna is my 10th and final Spokesmodel for the year! I have had an awesome group this year and I’m so glad I get to work with them all again. This fall and winter is going to be full of mini sessions for them and all my clients that have chosen the Complete package!

Back to Alayna – what a smile this girl has! She is bubbly from the get go and so happy to try all the weird stuff I threw at her. Jumping, spinning, wading into the weeds. It was about 85 degrees when we started and she had on long sleeves but you would never know how hot it was from her images. And when the bugs needed a little swatting she could come right back to whatever pose she had been in faster than anyone I’ve had!

We had fun in town but it got more interesting when we headed to our next spot. There’s a place outside of town with a little grassy area and a path into the trees (public of course). It’s right by a railroad crossing. Side note – I don’t do railroad track pictures. It’s dangerous and also very illegal. There are other options that are just as fun, won’t get anyone hurt, and I don’t run the risk of thousands of dollars in fines. Anyway, there was a big crew working on that crossing doing I don’t know what. There we were, in the field in her white dress, a slew of workers around, the noise of skidsteers and dump trucks drowning out everything else and the air reeking of hot tar. Alayna’s dog Harley was quite the attraction for some of the guys on break so he got some added attention too!

To end the night we took a trip around the country block and stopped on the side of the road. The purple weeds that bloom around the end of June are quite photogenic and I just love how they look in photographs. A pretty girl in a grassy field of flowering weeds is fabulous way to end the evening, I’d say!

Someone please let me know the name of that weed so I don’t sound so putzy next time I talk about them!

  1. Kim Lick says:

    I remember giving you many dum dums at the bank. You were one of my favorite kiddos to spoil. Beautiful senior pictures, love all of them. I hope you have a great senior year because it goes by so fast. Best wishes always

  2. Anne Falk says:

    I am Alayna’s Grandma and I want them all
    Beautiful photos

  3. Carol Weller says:

    Beautiful poses and pictures and such a pretty model of course she’s my beautiful grandaughter.

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