Cassy and Nate | Married

A beautiful artsy wedding day in Clintonville, WI.

Cassy and Nate are married!!! I had the honor of meeting Cassy a few years ago when I did her daughter’s senior photos. When she contacted me that she was getting married and would love for me to their photographer I was over the moon! I knew this would be a wedding filled with fun and creativity. It was held at her dad’s home which is beautiful and a perfect setting for Cassy and Nate. We went there for their engagement session and that just made me all the more excited for the wedding.

I got to the venue of the day with rain in the forecast for the afternoon. I knew though if that did happen, it wouldn’t “ruin” anything. Cassy and Nate are both go with the flow people. They have to be, they combined their lives with all 6 kids when Covid hit and have been living the Brady Bunch life since. The family even walked out of the ceremony to “The Brady Bunch” theme song. How fun is that!

I scoped out the grounds and got to see everything coming together through all the help and hard work of their friends and family. When I finally did go inside to say “hi” and check out the getting ready room I was ecstatic. The room had lightly shaded windows on two sides of the brightly painted walls. It was the perfect place for getting in that dress. Speaking of which – when I saw that dress, wow! So very Cassy and so very gorgeous!

A perfect timeline –

We had the ideal timeline for this day too! A first look on the white porch with two hours to go before ceremony. Nate’s reaction was complete awe at his gorgeous bride to be. Then we had time for all the portraits we wanted at that time and plenty of the wedding party. The wedding party was all their kids so we were half done with family formals by that time.

Those of you who think that doing a first look takes away from the moment the couple sees each other at the ceremony, this wedding is proof that’s not the case. Cassy got halfway down the aisle with her dad before she could look at Nate. He probably couldn’t really tell though since he was quite emotional himself at the sight of her – again. It was the sweetest moment. And not a drop of rain!

They ceremony was completed with a handfasting tied by all the kids. I had never heard of it before. It’s a ritual in where the bride and groom’s hands are bound together by a specially designed chord. It was so pretty and so very meaningful for them.

A few more family/friend formals and of course some more bridal portraits and they were ready to party. A simple dinner was enjoyed by everyone and topped off with incredible cake from The Cake Guru! I had the amaretto with raspberry filling by the way:) The dance was a “no big deal” they said but I could use a copy of the playlist they put together because it was an awesome mix of classics. They did have a first dance to “At Last”. Such a classic, just like them!

I have been itching to get this blog post up since Friday and I sure hope when Cassy and Nate get back from their kid free honeymoon they love them too!


Hair – Salon E&L | Florist – Village Garden Flower Shop | Cake – Tamara the Cake Guru

  1. Gail Klemann says:

    So beautiful & such a meaningful, sincere expression of love – it was a truly moving experience sharing in their wedding day.

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