Autumn | Class of 2022

A little bit of softball and a great fan squad makes this session special!

Gotta admit, I was pretty excited to get some softball in this year. I myself never played, not exactly an athletic type. But I do love shooting sports and I know Autumn absolutely loves softball! The field we would have shot at had a game going on so we went to the high school field instead. Fine by me!

Then off to Auntie’s house to use her field. Autumn’s Aunt Cristy was my college roommate way back in the day, like when Autumn was a baby. That might make me feel a little old but it’s fine. At least that’s what I’m going with today. We doused in bug spray a few times since we were close to a swamp in mosquito season but we made it through fine.

Autumn is so sweet to shoot with. And her little cousin mimicking her every pose was the best thing yet!

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