Ben and Dione – Married!

An intimate summer wedding at Par 4, Waupaca, WI

Ben and Dione’s wedding was not as originally planned, but our plans are not always the best in the first place. Instead of getting married in May out of state, these two ended up being married right here in Waupaca. I was so honored to be able to photograph it all for them.

These two are extremely down to earth and put all their trust in the Lord that this wedding was happening just as it was supposed to. An outdoor wedding at Par 4 meant no traditional church surroundings, so they incorporated a wooden cross that Ben made to remind everyone this was most definitely a religious service. Many of the bridesmaids are Dione’s friends and roommates from seminary so there were a lot of pastors in attendance. So many in fact that at dinner Dione drew a name from a hat to decide who was leading us in prayer.

We all distanced as much as possible throughout the day and these two let the love of their family and friends in attendance fill the spatial gaps between. Dione was simply gorgeous in her dress that didn’t require alterations (jealous!) and her dad sure looked proud to be walking her down the grassy aisle.

The ceremony was meaningful and funny. Pastor Andy did a great job with the sermon of course. I personally laughed out loud plenty of times, and then realized how close I was to the video set up there to live stream to guests who couldn’t be in attendance. I apologize to anyone who was wondering who they could hear laughing!

Side note – 1 year ago on this day Pastor Andy and I were both in the hospital. He had done a number on his hand and I had baby #3. I was glad to be in the same locale again under much less painful circumstances!

Back to the day – the wedding was lovely. Anyone could tell that Ben and Dione adore and bring out the best in each other. The weather even cooperated, no storms and tolerable temperatures which hasn’t been the case for much of July here in Wisconsin. And you certainly can’t go wrong with brownies and flutes of milk for dessert!

  1. Dione Stepanek says:

    Thanks so much Rachel! We had such a great day and you did an amazing job at documenting it!

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