Best of Weddings 2022 – Receptions

My favorite images from the receptions of 2022 weddings with Rachel Jensen Photography.

Receptions can be a tough thing for a lot of photographers. So many great photographers I know don’t enjoy the reception part and I get it. There is very little control. The lighting is constantly changing. And it’s the end of a long day that although fun, has been exhausting. We work so hard to develop our skill that allows us to produce consistent images in light and color, and then we’re shooting in the dark with multi color DJ flashing all over the place. It can feel like we’re not getting great work.

Well, let me tell ya – I don’t care. I have a good lighting system that helps, but I don’t care that there are ten different colors of lights going on. I don’t care that people I’m shooting aren’t perfectly posed. I don’t care that there’s tables full of distracting items in the background (though if it’s a little too distracting, black and white image it is). The reason I don’t care about that stuff at receptions is my couple DOESN’T CARE!

What do I care about?

There are things I do care about and approach very intentionally and strategically. During the speeches I make it a point to capture as many laughs and emotions as I can. The first dances are also a huge deal so I put a lot of thought into how I’m going to light that and every venue is different. And of course I care about getting photos of my couple withe as many of their guests as I can. That’s what matters at the reception.

At this point in the evening they just want me to capture all the fun, and I LOVE doing it. I love receptions so much! It’s kind of my reward for getting great portraits and running my butt off all day. The butt always finds its way home though. At the reception I get to talk to the extended family and photograph people together who hardly ever see each other. I get to take shots of little kids just bustin’ it out on the dance floor and it takes me right back to being a kid. I loved going to weddings when I was a kid. I didn’t care about the dresses, the flowers or the all the pretty stuff. I loved the party and I loved seeing so many happy people together. Still do. I guess I’m in the right profession.

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