Best of Ring Shots 2022

My favorite ring shots from 2022 weddings and engagements with Rachel Jensen Photography.

This one is just for the prettiness! I put together my favorite ring shots from 2022 because people seem to like them and they’re a fun little thing with big meaning. And if you don’t have one of these yet but think there could be one coming, just leave this post open on your phone for (cough, cough) someone to see. 🙂

What are you going to do with a tight shot of your ring? Post it of course! And put it in your album alongside a beautiful portrait of the two of you. You’ll see the great detail in the ring you’ll always have on your finger. I don’t take forever to get a whole bunch of different shots. I take a few simple, beautiful shots of your ring at your engagement and at your wedding. A few minutes of time for a life long image of the symbol of your undying love and commitment. Beautiful.

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