Best of Engagements – Casual

My favorite engagement shots when the bride to be was dressed more casual in 2022.

Engagement sessions – should you be dressed more casual or do it up fancy? Bottom line is you do you. Almost all my future grooms are wearing jeans or khakis. My brides change it up a bit, often they choose to go with one casual outfit and one dress of some sort. There’s pros to each and I don’t feel there are general cons at all, those are more situation specific.

Let’s talk about casual today. I consider casual to be anytime the bride is in pants or shorts. Yes, I realize there can be things like rompers that are definitely not on the casual side of the closet. If you (talking to the bride here) never ever wear a dress, then you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable in something more casual. If you as a couple have a goofy vibe and a playful interaction style, I would like to bring more movement into your posing. That’s easier when there is not a dress, at least a fitted one. You’re not going to do a piggy back pose in a mermaid fit dress.

It matters too as to where we are. Now, I love putting a girl in a long flowy dress on a wooded path or an open field. However – if it’s a little damp or the area we’re photographing in has a bit tough terrain, you probably want comfy shoes. They can still be cute of course, but they might pair a lot better with jeans.

Whatever you choose to wear to your engagement session, it’s going to be great! Enjoy this little bit of casual inspiration!

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