Best of Senior – Class of 2022

It might be a little late this year but I have finally put together The Best of Class of 2022 – my favorites from last summer! If you are Class of 2023 – it’s time to start thinking about your senior photos and looking for some inspiration. You’re starting in a good place!

As far as last year goes – with moving and figuring out living in a rental while building a house, I took a lot less seniors than I normally would, like half as many. But they were all great and fun and now I am ready to go back to full force for next year! I had more horses and cattle last year than ever before and I absolutely loved it. I just love senior photography and I hope you love all these favorites from last year!

If you want to look through a few other blogs, I have a ton under the Photo Advice Section on the blog’s homepage. Check them all out for tips on wardrobe, location and even some help for parents!

Now – onto what you really want to see – the images!

Just to get you started – Check out these links for tips on girls’ or guys’ wardrobe!

Senior Girls Wardrobe or Senior Guys Wardrobe

  1. Heidi Studzinski says:

    We loved working with Rachel. She brought out the best in Leota, genuine smiles in environments that suited Leota’s personality. We now have so many beautiful pictures, it is hard to chose which one is our favorite!
    Thank you for everything Rachel!

  2. Becca Tank says:

    Love, love, love all of these photos!!

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