Best of Weddings 2022 – Ceremonies

My favorite images from the ceremonies of 2022 weddings with Rachel Jensen Photography.

I should probably admit, I don’t post a ton of ceremony photos when I blog weddings. It’s not that I don’t love shooting them, I do. Obviously the ceremony is why we’re here. However, when I choose my blog photos I’m looking for shots I put more effort into, had more say in. Ceremonies often have wanky lighting issues (that’s why you see a lot of black and whites) and I’m shooting from very limited angles so there’s not a lot of variety for my standards. From an outside view of ceremony photos though, everything looks pretty much the same. Obviously I’m not directing any shots or posing through this time, I’m documenting. When I shoot your ceremony I get everything. When I blog, I don’t share everything.

Sometimes though, the church is big enough for an epic wide shot. Maybe it’s an outdoor ceremony and it happens to be in great light. Some little detail of the ceremony is just too unique to leave out. The expression on the groom’s face is just perfect. These things happen all the time and I love to share those!

Here they are, the best shots from ceremonies in 2022. Enjoy!

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