Best of Engagements 2022 – Dresses

My favorite engagement shots when the bride-to-be was wearing a dress in 2022.

I’m back with my favorite dress shots of engagement sessions, hot on the heels of favorite casual shots. Full disclosure – I very seldom wear a dress. I aspire to more often but my lifestyle is pretty jeans and t-shirt heavy. I do love to shoot couples where the bride-to-be is wearing a dress, but I don’t push for it if that’s not you.

Let’s talk dress pros. First of all, there are a gagillion styles of dresses. A lot of them in these photographs would be considered casual. Finding a dress that fits your style is easier than ever. The right style of dress can be very flattering. And let’s be honest, it’s fun to be a little extra girly sometimes. Especially during your engagement session when it’s all lovey dovey anyway. Plus, if your fiance really is only a jeans type, he can still wear jeans. We’re in Central Wisconsin here folks!

Dresses can be a bit limiting with some types of poses. However, they can make other poses extra fabulous. That’s why I encourage brides who are on the fence about what to wear to go with two outfits. One with a more dressy vibe, and one casual. You know, the whole variety is the spice of life mentality. Plus, if you do wear a dress and it’s long, it’s even more like practice for your wedding day and that’s what the engagement session is all about!

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