Alisha and Ben | Engaged

A sunny summer backyard engagement session with all the loves in Waupaca, WI!

The weather forecast was not looking good for our original date so we bumped this session up 24 hours and I’m so glad we did that! We had sun and warmth, although that did also mean more bugs. Bug spray is my friend this time of year! It also meant the bike needed a bath before photos since these two had spent the day riding and getting the windshield covered in bugs. I have goals in the distant future to be out riding like that on a warm spring day!

Ben also had to wash the tractor. It’ll show up again on wedding day so we included it Saturday. This guy had a lot of work to do to get ready for these photos. He might have less to do on the actual wedding day! It was so worth it and you know me, I love having anything with wheels included in photos.

The other thing I love having in photos – the pups!!! Bailey and Gunner were so good! Gunner did refuse to ever look at the camera but he’s got a good profile so it’s okay. Bailey pretty much attempted to melt into Alisha the whole time. It was adorable. Ben and Alisha met at the dog park so it was an absolute must to have the fur babies in photos!

Oh, and one more thing…

Of course one other important part of engagement photos is the couple! After about 2 minutes with Alisha the conversation was as easy as if we had known each other for years. She’s so relaxed and down to earth I just love it. By the way, she put her hair up in that cute ponytail using the truck window for a mirror. Who can do that! Ben was good with whatever she wanted to do, as is so often the case and always appreciated. He had already done the hard work just getting everything ready!

Enjoy scrolling through this little collection of my favorites from this engagement session. Fun fact – I didn’t have any mileage on this one. It was at Ben’s parents house which is just a short walk around the pasture from me. It’s not very often this country girl can walk to a session!

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